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Bamboo Salt Cellar with Closure Lid

CONTEMPORARY DESIGN: The sleek contemporary design of this bamboo spice container will look great in your kitchen. The smooth bamboo texture and color pair beautifully with marble and tile countertops. Its minimalist appearance allows this trendy container to go with virtually any decor. In fact, this round container will even look great as a centerpiece at your kitchen table or counter.

KEEPS SEASONINGS FRESH AND DRY: If you are looking for the perfect way to protect your seasonings and spices from moisture in the air, then the Home spice holder is the perfect choice for you. The lid remains attached to the container and easily slides back into place when you have used the desired amount of seasoning, locking in freshness and keeping moisture out.

CYLINDER SPICE HOLDER: This wooden spice container set is perfect for salt and pepper or any other seasoning. Keep it at the table for quick and easy use when needed or by the stovetop to use during cooking or to add finishing touches on your home-cooked dishes. The box is perfectly sized to easily allow access a pinch or a spoonful of your favorite spices.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL JAR: This smooth, round container, although intended for spices, is also great for a variety of other things as well. Other uses include a paper clip holder for your desk or office, makeup storage, a jewelry organizer, or even as a fashionable button holder for your sewing or craft room.


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