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USB Charging Led Collar

  • Humanized, comfortable, and fully adjustable-just one click to switch the light between steady mode, fast flash, or slow flash, easy-to-use clip, LED collar easy to wear. The LED flashing tube can be set to flash or light continuously by means of a touch switch. The whole plastic tube part can be rubbed, and extrusion in any shape which won’t affect the light of this collar.

  • USB rechargeable battery is light and durable-the USB rechargeable battery (including cable) can provide 5 hours of lighting per hour and can be used multiple times on a single charge.


  • No need to bother to replace the battery, and no additional cost. The most important thing is that its structure is reasonable and strong, and the durable design is effective for life!

  • The LED dog leash matched with us is perfectly matched, you and your dog will be safer and more eye-catching. No matter where you go, you will see yourself and your dog.




1.USB Charging Version

Charging once the light get weaker will help to

improvethe service lift of the battery

*Fully charged in 1h

2.Button Battery Version

Replace the buton battery when power off

CR2032 Button battery x 2 pcs

*Normal use for 2-3 months

Please choose the version you want.


Size Width Neck Circumference

XS 2.0 cm 28 - 38 cm/11 -15 inch

S 2.5 cm 34- 41 cm/14 -16 inch

M 2.5 cm 37- 46 cm/15 - 18 inch

L 2.5 cm 41 - 52 cm/16 - 20 inch

XL 2.5 cm 42 - 56 cm/16 - 22 inch


Three flash Mode

First Click_Quick Flash

Second Click_Slow Flash

Third Click_Steady Light


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